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Angular Training at Kaira Software
May 6 Introduction to AngularJS Beginner's Workshop Registration till May 6, 2017 ₹400


This lecture would provide you the introduction for AngularJS. It is designed for students who have basic understanding of HTML, Javascript and CSS and are entering or have just entered professional world. This lecture will give you immediate edge over their peers and give them a good start in the right direction for learning AngularJS. 100% practical training will be given by industry experts who have more than 5+ years of proficiency.

AngularJS Training

  • Why use AngularJS

  • How to start

  • AngularJS MVC Concept (Models, Views and Controllers)

  • Other Concepts & Terminology

  • Events

  • Directives

  • Expressions

  • Filters

  • Data Binding – one way binding and two way binding

  • AngularJS Forms and Validations

  • Custom Directives


Before attending our AngularJS Training lecture, you should have the basic understanding of HTML, Javascript and CSS. Knowledge of jquery will prove advantageous. No previous experience with AngularJS is required.


Freshers and Students who have completed studying in web development from their college and have sufficient background in HTML, Javascript and CSS.


Adit Shah (Exp. of 6 years)

Rushik Adeshara (Exp. of 5 years)


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  • AngularJS Training - Kaira Software
  • AngularJS Training - Kaira Software

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