5 Technical Reasons to update your website now

Like everything in physical world, websites also degrade over time and may become unusable if not updated from time to time. Here are 5 reasons that may happen.

  1. Update to Browsers:Most popular browsers release several new versions every year. Firefox received more than 12 releases in as many months and chrome version has increased by 12 in last year. It not only impacts their security and performance but also changes how it handles certain features of pages and HTML. It ensures that over time, your site visitor’s experience degrades unless you keep your site updated.

  2. Updates to Google’s Search Algorithm: Google continuously updates its search algorithm to offer the most relevant search results as well as to filter out fake or irrelevant content. It also gives priority to sites which follow more user friendly practices like having SSL or being mobile friendly. There were 5 updates to their search algorithm in 2017 alone. Review your site to ensure that you are following those best practices. Read a few pointers here.

  3. Mobile Phone Usage: Mobile internet usage has crossed desktop usage since some time now. It is important that if you have a website, it is usable on a mobile. It not only turns off the visitor, it turns off google which brings visitors. Even if you are not in the SEO game, you will need to ensure that it works for a visitor who is very likely using mobile device to access your site.

  4. HTML 5 and HTTP 2: HTML 5 has introduced many improvements and features which improve page speed and security. Most major browsers have stopped supporting flash since then. HTTP2 technically does not change how the site is coded but it will definitely help to look at all the css, js, images that are used on your site and identify the scope for improvements in download speed if your hosting provider supports http2 compatible servers.

  5. Updates to CMS and Frameworks: Popular CMS like WordPress, Opencart, Drupal etc. release new versions with bug fixes, improved security, new features and several updates to keep up with all of the above. By updating your CMS you are making it easier to be browser and standard compliant, user friendly as well as search engine friendly.

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The wait is over! Stack Overflow will now be available on your mobile phones

Stack Overflow is a well known and trusted Q&A platform for programming. Recently, it launched a new official Mobile App which is primarily for iOS Platforms and Android Platforms. This app effectively puts Stack Overflow on developers mobile and will allow the developers to view questions and provide answers on the move.

Push Notifications, a feature of the Stack Overflow App allows the developers to be updated about the status of the desired questions. Stack Overflow has decided to go more into the history of software development with the use of recently released Trend Tools to explore more about programming languages, latest technologies or framework.

Stack Overflow has also launched a tool to analyze on-going and previous trends in development activities in mobile-related technologies. This app contrasts from an existing Stack Exchange App, which just provides the links of the network sites that the users have created. Stack Overflow app will allow software engineers to do many activities like:

view question, write answer, comment, flag and vote on questions they want.

  • Receive push notifications when somebody answers or comments on questions.
  • Browse history of previously searched questions.
  • Use the new Markdown Tool that highlights syntax, contains built-in spell checking, easy to use WYSIWYG editor which also provides live preview with scroll sync.

The post written on the official website of Stack Overflow provides some interesting insights in the trends about various Mobile Development Platforms. This app is great for those people who want to use SO on the go.

Microsoft Skype Inspired From Snapchat to Enormously Redesign Its Look and Feel

MS – Skype is a very famous instant messaging app that provides online text messages with video and audio calling facility. Recent news of San Francisco says that Skype is going to change with a superb looking UI and UX. This drastic change of the App focuses on many features that allow its users to grab photos and videos that are temporarily visible to their connections.

Yes, you are absolutely correct, Skype is making a copy of the record breaking Snapchat, but Sr. Vice President of Engineering and Product at Fuze announce that it depends on the likes and dislikes of Skype users. Skype is considered more on Texting aspect which is even better than the update till now. It is putting more emphasis on Messaging by neglecting the audio and video calling features.

Involving in a group chat? New group chat in Skype allows users to interact with each other and also make use of emojis and stickers to send messages on top of pleasing and more beautiful backgrounds. Modern Skype will provide a way to use animated images from Giphy.

The redesign of Skype includes:

  • Major features that simulate Snapchat’s stories
  • Reaching each other using emoji and stickers
  • Better multitasking features
  • More enhanced group messaging
  • Enabling a user to use animated images from Giphy

Skype is hoping that the fusion of these upcoming features will bring large amount of masses that will use the app everyday. Also, Skype will enable its users to watch videos and play games together as a part of multitasking. Skype is very famous but there are many competitors like FaceTime, Messenger and WhatApp, out of which Facebook Messenger has made a great impact in today’s date. Skype has already targeted Android platform and the next target would be iOS. The desktop users need to wait a little bit more.

Keeping an eye on the powerful makeover, it leaves us wondering that will Skype work on every platform with the ease of performance? While in contradiction will Skype lose its popularity from those people having less memory on their phones? This has left just as a question in reality!

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Points to contemplate while developing a Mobile App

There was a time when CDMA phones were used for the purpose of calling and messaging. It was the only swiftest way to reach the masses without actually meeting them in person. Today, it’s an era where we are using more advanced version of CDMA phones called “Smartphones”, which are becoming an essential device for everyone these days. We use Smartphone Apps everyday for managing our daily routines. Many apps are downloaded by people every day, however the reality says that a large number of them are deserted. Recent research says that a buyer spends 85% of time on Smartphone Apps, but merely 5 Apps are used actively everyday.

Let’s discuss some points to consider before you start developing an App:

Analyze the domain where you are going to use your Mobile Application

Mobile Application development is a very vast area, thus you should think carefully before you start developing a magnificent App. Let’s consider that you are going to develop an App for social media, then you have to broaden it with an aspect of keeping the following points straight in your mind. Always be precise what you want in your appealing Mobile Apps:Do you want to make a Facebook-like website that allows users to create profiles, upload photo or video, send messages and to keep in touch with your friend?

  • Do you want to make a Facebook-like website that allows users to create profiles, upload photo or video, send messages and to keep in touch with your friend?
  • Are looking for the exact features that shares images similar to Instagram?
  • Or are you simply enabling the user to post and interact with messages that are limited to 140 characters?
  • You want to simply enable a user to post and associate with messages.

Choose the best platform to develop a Mobile App  

Choosing the best platform for Mobile App Development is like you have your work cut out for you. You have to find the best perspective from where you want to see your App. Researching by yourself about the basic functionality of different types of platforms: iOS, Android, Windows and BlackBerry RIM to find their capabilities and their pros and cons. This strategy leads to a major success in developing Mobile App.

Make your App elegant for all the different screen sizes of Smartphones

It is obvious that your App should be compatible with all the basic screen sizes of smartphones available in the market. To be more genuine, even if you are using the same mobile platform, the resolution may vary based on the device type you are using. In other words, if you are using iPhone 6 plus then screen size varies that on iPhone 7. Your mobile must have a pleasing and user friendly UI that can automatically distract the user’s attention.
Don’t create heavily loaded App for better customer engagement

Users keep exploring by themselves and look forward to install an App that is suitable for their mobile memory space. It is better to have less than having too much on a Mobile App. Double check yourself about the app that it must not contain too many images and heavy loaders that lose user’s focus.

Create a buzz with focused market strategy before you launch the App in the market

Your market is the most important place where you will sell your Mobile App. Treat market as your best friend and it will effectively give you a possible buyer. Examine the strategy properly to bring the best results for you. Having a touch of Mobile marketing expert will always be favorable.

Finally test your App before it reaches to potential customers

Last but not the least, your Mobile App should be tested properly before it appears in the market. Mobile App should be tested by considering basic aspects such as:

  • Working on App without internet
  • Working of functionality
  • Structure consistency throughout the App

By considering all the aspects as discussed above you should step up your game before it gets out of hand. But it always depends on how much you stretch yourself while developing an awesome Mobile App.


Microsoft build 2017. Is it authentically speaking about Best of both Worlds?

Build 2017, an annual conference event organized by Microsoft is just gone and it has disclosed a vast number of gears. Primarily this event had a focal point on Windows 10 refresh. Let’s have a quick glance over the event.

Fall Creator update of Windows 10

Windows 10 Fall Creators Update brings a new feature in the OS called “Timeline”, same as Facebook Timeline, which displays every activity of users and allows them to pick up already existing programs, while in Windows 10 it provides an outstanding approach of gathering where you left off.

Are you still missing Windows Movie Maker? Windows Story Remix App is an energetic alternative for old video making applications

Microsoft introduces a new Story Remix app that is nothing but an updated version of the Movie Maker which was missing since past few years. This universal app transforms photos and videos into various impressive effects.

Story Remix uses cloud technology to collect images and video from any of your devices. The main objective of doing this is to give access to the iOS, Android and Windows devices to get all the stuff in the one place. The app supports auto editing, 3D remix and much more.

Say welcome to iTunes in Windows Store

As disclosed by Microsoft, iTunes by Apple is coming to Windows Store with a full iPhone support to get the same client fascination. Despite the fact that this new form of iTunes will be accessible before the current year’s over, conveying iTunes on Windows Store prompts disposal of Google Chrome and Spotify.

Translate PowerPoint Slideshows in real time with PPT Translator plugin

At the Build 2017 developer conference held in Seattle, WA, Microsoft announced an energetic PowerPoint add-in that allows a user to present a slide in many languages. To be specific, this PowerPoint plugin is beneficial for the professionals for presenting their work to a multilingual audience. In turn, this causes a great conversation and concentration between the presenter and the listeners.

Chasing Clipboard that allows copying content from PC – to – Mobile

You will be pleased to hear from Microsoft about the new idea called Clipboard, a cloud-based app that lets you copy and paste any content from your PC and paste it to your Smartphone device. This Clipboard will also provide an easy approach to catching the content from your Smartphone and pasting it to the documents you are dealing with in your computer.

Cortana – A smarter approach of getting reminders about the tasks you are missing 

 Microsoft provided a closer look at the usage of Cortana. To be more precise this is for the cars and speakers. They showed how Cortana could bring up reminders and events while you’re driving. The brilliant Cortana can suggest the things when the user reaches to his / her destination place.

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Google I/O 2017 – Keynotes From Kaira Software’s Perspective

Google’s annual I/O 2017 event has just clicked the market a few days ago. It was not just an annual developer festival but, it is for the masses who earnestly engage with latest technology. In this event Google has revealed plenty of alluring points. So here are the 6 Strong Essences that you must read.

Get faster and more flowing notifications with Google’s upcoming OS – Android O (Beta)

Notification dots, Android O (Beta) style notification feature is a very powerful way of getting alerts that appear on the top of the App icons. This notification badge is connected with many channels (of notifications) in an App which inform the user about the pending notifications. You need to press and hold the App icon you want to see the notifications for and swipe to reject them.

Not to miss out Android Wear 2.0 Features

The software update of Android Wear 2.0 comes up with optimized design for watches and other devices having a round screen. Android Pay is now connected to a button for instant launch as it’s an easy way to pay with your phone in the store without opening any other App.

Google Lens – An App that every Smartphone should have

Google introduces a set of computing capabilities that recognizes eye vision (Camera)  and is capable of understanding what action you’re going to perform. For instance, you can now view the serial number of your keyboard with the use of Google Lens i.e. your Mobile Camera.

Having Low Memory Space in your phone? Android Go is a worthy solution!

Is your Smartphone getting slower with every download? Do you have to reset your phone every time when it becomes sluggish? Then, Android Go is like a blessing in disguise for you! It’s essentially a light version of Android O. It contains a Data Management tool to manage your phone and memory card very smoothly.

Use Google Assistant anywhere with the support of more Languages

It’s a great news for iPhone users that they will be able to use voice assistant on their device as a standalone App of Google Assistant. Google is giving opportunity to iPhone users to access Google Assistant on iOS. Google Assistant SDK enables users to use their iPhone(s) in furthermore languages like French and German.

Google Home – Enjoy the most efficient way of Wireless Technology

Google Home, a smart speaker is fully loaded with Google Assistant consisting “Proactive Assistance” along with Wireless Calling facility. This smart tabletop speaker allows the user to speak in any manner they want, to access online and offline services and Google Home will find the finest way to help.

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