Importance of Unit Testing

Written by Adit Shah on January 16, 2017

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“Every large system that works started as a small system that worked”

What is unit testing?

It is a crucial part of Software Testing Life Cycle to test and inspect the individual or stand alone testable code fragments, also called Units of an application for their enduring and immediate effects.

“Unit testing is the method of verifying the smallest piece of testable code against its requirement.” Unit tests are basically written and executed by software developers to make sure that code meets its design and requirements and behaves as expected.

The importance of Unit Test:

 Unit testing is used to prepare strong software units that help to keep code and eliminate the issues in code units. Unit testing is an integral part of the agile software development process.

Unit testing includes bugs in the implementation of programmer and missing parts or flaws of the specification for the unit. The cost of finding a bug before actual coding begins or when the code is first written is greatly lower than the cost of detecting, identifying, and correcting the bug in the later stage of Software development cycle.

Unit testing permits the developer to refactor code or upgrade system libraries at a later date and make sure the module still works correctly.

Advantages of Unit Testing:

  • Decrease error in fresh developed features or reduces bugs when changing the already existing functionality.
  • Reduces Testing cost as bugs are inspected in very early phase.
  • Improves design and allows better reusable of code.
  • Unit Tests, when integrated with build gives the quality of the build as well.
  • Debugging is easy. When a test fails, only the latest changes need to be debugged. 

“Quality is not an act, it is a habit.”

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