Microsoft Skype Inspired From Snapchat to Enormously Redesign Its Look and Feel

MS – Skype is a very famous instant messaging app that provides online text messages with video and audio calling facility. Recent news of San Francisco says that Skype is going to change with a superb looking UI and UX. This drastic change of the App focuses on many features that allow its users to grab photos and videos that are temporarily visible to their connections.

Yes, you are absolutely correct, Skype is making a copy of the record breaking Snapchat, but Sr. Vice President of Engineering and Product at Fuze announce that it depends on the likes and dislikes of Skype users. Skype is considered more on Texting aspect which is even better than the update till now. It is putting more emphasis on Messaging by neglecting the audio and video calling features.

Involving in a group chat? New group chat in Skype allows users to interact with each other and also make use of emojis and stickers to send messages on top of pleasing and more beautiful backgrounds. Modern Skype will provide a way to use animated images from Giphy.

The redesign of Skype includes:

  • Major features that simulate Snapchat’s stories
  • Reaching each other using emoji and stickers
  • Better multitasking features
  • More enhanced group messaging
  • Enabling a user to use animated images from Giphy

Skype is hoping that the fusion of these upcoming features will bring large amount of masses that will use the app everyday. Also, Skype will enable its users to watch videos and play games together as a part of multitasking. Skype is very famous but there are many competitors like FaceTime, Messenger and WhatApp, out of which Facebook Messenger has made a great impact in today’s date. Skype has already targeted Android platform and the next target would be iOS. The desktop users need to wait a little bit more.

Keeping an eye on the powerful makeover, it leaves us wondering that will Skype work on every platform with the ease of performance? While in contradiction will Skype lose its popularity from those people having less memory on their phones? This has left just as a question in reality!

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Microsoft build 2017. Is it authentically speaking about Best of both Worlds?

Build 2017, an annual conference event organized by Microsoft is just gone and it has disclosed a vast number of gears. Primarily this event had a focal point on Windows 10 refresh. Let’s have a quick glance over the event.

Fall Creator update of Windows 10

Windows 10 Fall Creators Update brings a new feature in the OS called “Timeline”, same as Facebook Timeline, which displays every activity of users and allows them to pick up already existing programs, while in Windows 10 it provides an outstanding approach of gathering where you left off.

Are you still missing Windows Movie Maker? Windows Story Remix App is an energetic alternative for old video making applications

Microsoft introduces a new Story Remix app that is nothing but an updated version of the Movie Maker which was missing since past few years. This universal app transforms photos and videos into various impressive effects.

Story Remix uses cloud technology to collect images and video from any of your devices. The main objective of doing this is to give access to the iOS, Android and Windows devices to get all the stuff in the one place. The app supports auto editing, 3D remix and much more.

Say welcome to iTunes in Windows Store

As disclosed by Microsoft, iTunes by Apple is coming to Windows Store with a full iPhone support to get the same client fascination. Despite the fact that this new form of iTunes will be accessible before the current year’s over, conveying iTunes on Windows Store prompts disposal of Google Chrome and Spotify.

Translate PowerPoint Slideshows in real time with PPT Translator plugin

At the Build 2017 developer conference held in Seattle, WA, Microsoft announced an energetic PowerPoint add-in that allows a user to present a slide in many languages. To be specific, this PowerPoint plugin is beneficial for the professionals for presenting their work to a multilingual audience. In turn, this causes a great conversation and concentration between the presenter and the listeners.

Chasing Clipboard that allows copying content from PC – to – Mobile

You will be pleased to hear from Microsoft about the new idea called Clipboard, a cloud-based app that lets you copy and paste any content from your PC and paste it to your Smartphone device. This Clipboard will also provide an easy approach to catching the content from your Smartphone and pasting it to the documents you are dealing with in your computer.

Cortana – A smarter approach of getting reminders about the tasks you are missing 

 Microsoft provided a closer look at the usage of Cortana. To be more precise this is for the cars and speakers. They showed how Cortana could bring up reminders and events while you’re driving. The brilliant Cortana can suggest the things when the user reaches to his / her destination place.

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Why Software Testing is necessary

“Quality is never an accident; it is always the result of intelligent effort.”


We all know that IT firms commit a substantial amount of Human and Machine resources for the development of various software products according to requirements specified by Clients. Software Testing is Obligatory because Every human being makes mistakes. Many of these mistakes are minor, but some of them are expensive or dangerous.

In the Digital era, we all have had an experience with software or Application that didn’t work as expected. Software that does not work can have a large impact on A Brand or Company.


  • Financial Loss – Financial loss covers losing users right through to Financial penalties for non-compliance to legal requirements
  • Waste of Time – This impacts more in our busy life, Because if transactions taking a long time to process and didn’t get the right outcome. Also, can include staff not being able to work due to a fault or failure
  • Damage to business reputation – If a company’s product or Application is unable to provide service to their customers due to software problems then the customers will lose confidence or faith from the organization and probably Swift their business elsewhere or will go for the other competitors either.
  • Injury or death – It might sound dramatic but some safety-critical systems or Robotic surgery could result in injuries or deaths if they don’t work properly.

The importance of software testing:

  • Software testing is necessary to specify bugs developed in SDLC’s Development Phase.
  • To prevents the user from facing the problems of usability and gain the confidence about the reliability of the software or application.
  • It’s really required to ensure, that an application shouldn’t drag into any defects because it can be very expensive in the future or in the later stages of the development.

At Kaira Software Pvt. Ltd., all our resources are ISTQB certified, meaning they are tested for their software testing skills.

Software products passed and approved by Kaira Software Pvt. Ltd. has outperformed for years without any further bugs discovered.

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Importance of Unit Testing

“Every large system that works started as a small system that worked”

What is unit testing?

It is a crucial part of Software Testing Life Cycle to test and inspect the individual or stand alone testable code fragments, also called Units of an application for their enduring and immediate effects.

“Unit testing is the method of verifying the smallest piece of testable code against its requirement.” Unit tests are basically written and executed by software developers to make sure that code meets its design and requirements and behaves as expected.

The importance of Unit Test:

 Unit testing is used to prepare strong software units that help to keep code and eliminate the issues in code units. Unit testing is an integral part of the agile software development process.

Unit testing includes bugs in the implementation of programmer and missing parts or flaws of the specification for the unit. The cost of finding a bug before actual coding begins or when the code is first written is greatly lower than the cost of detecting, identifying, and correcting the bug in the later stage of Software development cycle.

Unit testing permits the developer to refactor code or upgrade system libraries at a later date and make sure the module still works correctly.

Advantages of Unit Testing:

  • Decrease error in fresh developed features or reduces bugs when changing the already existing functionality.
  • Reduces Testing cost as bugs are inspected in very early phase.
  • Improves design and allows better reusable of code.
  • Unit Tests, when integrated with build gives the quality of the build as well.
  • Debugging is easy. When a test fails, only the latest changes need to be debugged. 

“Quality is not an act, it is a habit.”

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Capture Webcame Images using Javascript + Flash For browsers

Here we are going to describe HOW we can use device cameras for taking picture using Java-scripts w/ flash. There are many third party library are available which can make this very easy. Examples a.) jQuery webcam plugin b.) JPEGCam etc.

We will use jQery webcam plugin here for capturing webcam images. Note: This plugin use flash so this examples works only with flash supporting device browser. For jQuery webcam plugin in use you have to first download webcam.js which you can get from here.

Configuration for jQuery webcam is very simple. You will have just add few line of code to make capturing enable on single click.


<div id=”webcam”></div>     /*add html element on your page*/

You have done with html configuration.

STEP 2:  JavaScript Configuration

width: 320,    /*width of your flash movie, you can adjust this as per your need*/
height: 240,   /*height of your flash movie, you can adjust this as per your need*/

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