Microsoft build 2017. Is it authentically speaking about Best of both Worlds?

Build 2017, an annual conference event organized by Microsoft is just gone and it has disclosed a vast number of gears. Primarily this event had a focal point on Windows 10 refresh. Let’s have a quick glance over the event.

Fall Creator update of Windows 10

Windows 10 Fall Creators Update brings a new feature in the OS called “Timeline”, same as Facebook Timeline, which displays every activity of users and allows them to pick up already existing programs, while in Windows 10 it provides an outstanding approach of gathering where you left off.

Are you still missing Windows Movie Maker? Windows Story Remix App is an energetic alternative for old video making applications

Microsoft introduces a new Story Remix app that is nothing but an updated version of the Movie Maker which was missing since past few years. This universal app transforms photos and videos into various impressive effects.

Story Remix uses cloud technology to collect images and video from any of your devices. The main objective of doing this is to give access to the iOS, Android and Windows devices to get all the stuff in the one place. The app supports auto editing, 3D remix and much more.

Say welcome to iTunes in Windows Store

As disclosed by Microsoft, iTunes by Apple is coming to Windows Store with a full iPhone support to get the same client fascination. Despite the fact that this new form of iTunes will be accessible before the current year’s over, conveying iTunes on Windows Store prompts disposal of Google Chrome and Spotify.

Translate PowerPoint Slideshows in real time with PPT Translator plugin

At the Build 2017 developer conference held in Seattle, WA, Microsoft announced an energetic PowerPoint add-in that allows a user to present a slide in many languages. To be specific, this PowerPoint plugin is beneficial for the professionals for presenting their work to a multilingual audience. In turn, this causes a great conversation and concentration between the presenter and the listeners.

Chasing Clipboard that allows copying content from PC – to – Mobile

You will be pleased to hear from Microsoft about the new idea called Clipboard, a cloud-based app that lets you copy and paste any content from your PC and paste it to your Smartphone device. This Clipboard will also provide an easy approach to catching the content from your Smartphone and pasting it to the documents you are dealing with in your computer.

Cortana – A smarter approach of getting reminders about the tasks you are missing 

 Microsoft provided a closer look at the usage of Cortana. To be more precise this is for the cars and speakers. They showed how Cortana could bring up reminders and events while you’re driving. The brilliant Cortana can suggest the things when the user reaches to his / her destination place.

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Google I/O 2017 – Keynotes From Kaira Software’s Perspective

Google’s annual I/O 2017 event has just clicked the market a few days ago. It was not just an annual developer festival but, it is for the masses who earnestly engage with latest technology. In this event Google has revealed plenty of alluring points. So here are the 6 Strong Essences that you must read.

Get faster and more flowing notifications with Google’s upcoming OS – Android O (Beta)

Notification dots, Android O (Beta) style notification feature is a very powerful way of getting alerts that appear on the top of the App icons. This notification badge is connected with many channels (of notifications) in an App which inform the user about the pending notifications. You need to press and hold the App icon you want to see the notifications for and swipe to reject them.

Not to miss out Android Wear 2.0 Features

The software update of Android Wear 2.0 comes up with optimized design for watches and other devices having a round screen. Android Pay is now connected to a button for instant launch as it’s an easy way to pay with your phone in the store without opening any other App.

Google Lens – An App that every Smartphone should have

Google introduces a set of computing capabilities that recognizes eye vision (Camera)  and is capable of understanding what action you’re going to perform. For instance, you can now view the serial number of your keyboard with the use of Google Lens i.e. your Mobile Camera.

Having Low Memory Space in your phone? Android Go is a worthy solution!

Is your Smartphone getting slower with every download? Do you have to reset your phone every time when it becomes sluggish? Then, Android Go is like a blessing in disguise for you! It’s essentially a light version of Android O. It contains a Data Management tool to manage your phone and memory card very smoothly.

Use Google Assistant anywhere with the support of more Languages

It’s a great news for iPhone users that they will be able to use voice assistant on their device as a standalone App of Google Assistant. Google is giving opportunity to iPhone users to access Google Assistant on iOS. Google Assistant SDK enables users to use their iPhone(s) in furthermore languages like French and German.

Google Home – Enjoy the most efficient way of Wireless Technology

Google Home, a smart speaker is fully loaded with Google Assistant consisting “Proactive Assistance” along with Wireless Calling facility. This smart tabletop speaker allows the user to speak in any manner they want, to access online and offline services and Google Home will find the finest way to help.

Kaira Software Pvt. Ltd. Is One Of The Leading Enterprise Web & Mobile Apps Development Company In India With An Industry Experience Of More Than A Decade.