Why Software Testing is necessary

“Quality is never an accident; it is always the result of intelligent effort.”


We all know that IT firms commit a substantial amount of Human and Machine resources for the development of various software products according to requirements specified by Clients. Software Testing is Obligatory because Every human being makes mistakes. Many of these mistakes are minor, but some of them are expensive or dangerous.

In the Digital era, we all have had an experience with software or Application that didn’t work as expected. Software that does not work can have a large impact on A Brand or Company.


  • Financial Loss – Financial loss covers losing users right through to Financial penalties for non-compliance to legal requirements
  • Waste of Time – This impacts more in our busy life, Because if transactions taking a long time to process and didn’t get the right outcome. Also, can include staff not being able to work due to a fault or failure
  • Damage to business reputation – If a company’s product or Application is unable to provide service to their customers due to software problems then the customers will lose confidence or faith from the organization and probably Swift their business elsewhere or will go for the other competitors either.
  • Injury or death – It might sound dramatic but some safety-critical systems or Robotic surgery could result in injuries or deaths if they don’t work properly.

The importance of software testing:

  • Software testing is necessary to specify bugs developed in SDLC’s Development Phase.
  • To prevents the user from facing the problems of usability and gain the confidence about the reliability of the software or application.
  • It’s really required to ensure, that an application shouldn’t drag into any defects because it can be very expensive in the future or in the later stages of the development.

At Kaira Software Pvt. Ltd., all our resources are ISTQB certified, meaning they are tested for their software testing skills.

Software products passed and approved by Kaira Software Pvt. Ltd. has outperformed for years without any further bugs discovered.

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Capture Webcame Images using Javascript + Flash For browsers

Here we are going to describe HOW we can use device cameras for taking picture using Java-scripts w/ flash. There are many third party library are available which can make this very easy. Examples a.) jQuery webcam plugin b.) JPEGCam etc.

We will use jQery webcam plugin here for capturing webcam images. Note: This plugin use flash so this examples works only with flash supporting device browser. For jQuery webcam plugin in use you have to first download webcam.js which you can get from here.

Configuration for jQuery webcam is very simple. You will have just add few line of code to make capturing enable on single click.


<div id=”webcam”></div>     /*add html element on your page*/

You have done with html configuration.

STEP 2:  JavaScript Configuration

width: 320,    /*width of your flash movie, you can adjust this as per your need*/
height: 240,   /*height of your flash movie, you can adjust this as per your need*/

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