Triple Your App Downloads By Developing Minimum Viable Product!

Written by Adit Shah on January 25, 2017

Triple Your App Downloads By Developing Minimum Viable Product!_image

You have got an amazing app idea! That’s great! Now, all you need to do is get it turned into a splendid application and cherishes huge user retention rate and sales revenue… right? Well, this is the ultimate stuff that every startup or entrepreneur wants from its app. So, what happens if you have spent years in the development of an amazing application and when the final product is released and there are no conversions? You would simply end up with the loss of time, money and your valuable resources.

As we know, there are lots of expectations tied up with a newly launched product. It includes adding to the brand value, gaining a competitive edge, securing your investments and much more. So, an unexpected output due to lack of practical knowledge of users need could risk up your developer’s efforts and the investment done. What’s the way out there? This is where the existence of Minimum Viable Product is highly significant to avoid such unnecessary risks in Mobile App Development.

MVP – The Right Choice

To most of us, Minimum Viable Product is just an acronym of MVP. Well, MVP stands more of concept rather than a technique. An MVP mobile app is a product with basic features that forms its base. Developing MVP for your product is pretty simple. Decide exactly what your USP is, represent it clearly in front of your customers and see their responses. Despite developing a company first product that may or may not a success, releasing MVP at an early stage gives you plenty of time to accumulate the data and gauge intended customer interest areas.

There are innumerable companies like GlamSquad, Amazon, Taproot+ and much more that have made use of MVP.


Let’s assume that you want to make a photo editing app. The first thing that any mobile application development company would leverage you is a basic app that allows you to add 5 filters to an image followed by adding a frame. Once the basic concept is approached and liked by your targeted set of audience, you will strategize with phase 2 development.

When app developers have earned enough profit from phase 1, they will provide you with some more advanced features like adding more filters, frames, and accessories like hairband, bow, tie, sandals and more. Now phase 2 is cleared and another round of profit is credited in developer’s account, it will soon launch phase 3 where collage maker and sharing would be an addition to the existing app.

This is how MVP actually works. To have a better understanding of MVP approach for mobile app development, let’s find out how we can use it.

How MVP Influence App Developers And Mobile App

  1. Evaluating Market Demand:

No one can predict the demands of new applications. So, in order to evaluate whether you app idea would be adopted by your audience or not, it is recommendable to create a video or teaser page and gauge its subscription list. High-blown up the list would clearly indicate that large mass of people is highly interested in your app idea. Social media is one of the best tools to evaluate market demands in most cost effective way.

2. Identify App Potentials:

Though an MVP of a particular app may not seem to be the outstanding versions, still it can have the potentials of turning it into best one. If the MVP version of your app is liked by your audiences, app developers are likely to expand and improve the app by adding more features and functions and improve or re-design complete app in order to save your investments in the app. Thus, the final product is expected to reach the desired level of success in the best possible way.

3. Helps To Achieve Customization:

Though your app final version may have gain success for one set of audience but it may result in losing another part of the audience. With minimum viable version, app developers can involve all flavors of users and create a tailored version that would undoubtedly expand your app reach.

4. Eliminating Risks:

Every new mobile app developed has a risk of being compared to the best-featured app of its niche. Another set of risk associated with the mobile application is to stand strong in terms of ideal performance. It may run well at developers end but may crash or report bugs in users smartphone and there would be no room to fix those bugs. Development of an app MVP version eliminates those risks and leads developers towards the development of a top-notch application.

Real-time data collected from users are far better than the data of pre-development research. So, if you want to develop the best mobile app for your business, ask you app development company to acknowledge you with MVP version of your app to map success in an app store.

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